Apposite Signs Master Distribution Agreement With DocuSign

Whilst we can’t accuse the Wall Street Journal of being behind The Times…perhaps “The Now Big Thing” is a more apposite title.

‘Growth in the eSignature market is becoming viral’ Gartner Research, May 2012 advised and it’s clear that DocuSign’s global leadership is driving the train…

Growth in the adoption of eSignature software and services has grown by 48% in the last year and with the ease of implementation of the SAAS delivery model this growth is set to continue. Mid-market adoption in particular has soared as companies recognise the need to reduce both transaction costs and the time to close business.


The DocuSign solution delivers:
Time to get a ticket?
Fast ROI Quick and easy to implement, no software required, leverages existing IT investment
Faster transactions Shorten sales cycles, improve close rates, recover sales time, sign anytime, anywhere and on any device
Increased revenue Process orders and invoices in hours not days to improve cash flow, free up resources
Lower cost Eliminate scanning, printing, faxing and couriers, a really ‘green’ solution
Improved visibility Instantly see when every document has been viewed, signed or declined
Better conformance/compliance Comprehensive authentication, no missing signatures, easier to ensure regulatory compliance and conform to internal guidelines
Higher customer satisfaction Easy and enjoyable to do business, be seen as a forward thinking organisation, a real WOW factor

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