Apposite Labs

DocuSign CRM Connector

Seamless integration of DocuSign with Microsoft Dynamics CRM now enables Apposite solution partners to provide their customers with straight through processing for all transactions that require a signature.

With Apposite’s integration for Dynamics CRM, users create DocuSign documents from within CRM just like any other CRM Activity, whether using a standard or customised CRM implementation, without further integration customisation or development being required.

Apposite Labs CRM Connector

Signatories receive an email to sign their documents, and can securely DocuSign in seconds anytime, anywhere, on any Internet-connected device. Automatically recorded inside Dynamics CRM, document status is tracked throughout the process to give complete visibility and control.

Because DocuSign is packaged as a managed solution and integrated as a ubiquitous, system wide CRM “Activity”, customers benefit from:

DocuSign is available from any CRM Entity whether standard or customized without further development and all CRM Activity functionality is available for management, viewing & reporting.