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Apposite Signs Master Distribution Agreement With DocuSign

Apposite Technology Partners plc, the Value Added Business Software Distributor for growth technologies (“Apposite”), and DocuSign (www.docusign.com), the global standard for eSignature®, have announced that DocuSign has launched Apposite as its first value added distributor within DocuSign’s Cloud Partner Program.

Under the agreement, Apposite will sell and support DocuSign products with solution extensions developed by AppositeLab, Apposite’s development arm, through the established mid-market Solution Partner distribution channel.

The benefits of DocuSign’s compelling, ubiquitous eSignature Transaction Management Platform can now be acquired by customers with the full support of their chosen ERP, CRM, and core operational systems Solution Partner through Apposite.

Apposite will initially focus on delivering the DocuSign solution to it’s Solution Partners in the UK, Nordics, Benelux & South Africa.

Commenting on Apposite’s appointment, DocuSign’s managing director of Europe, Bob DeSantis said: “This is a key strategic move for DocuSign and our eSignature Transaction Management Platform. We recognize that Solution Partners are fundamental to building our mid-market success because of their trusted customer relationships and full-service project and support competence. The combination of DocuSign and Apposite offers a proven, rapidly deployable, and fast-yielding
solution that will accelerate adoption.”

Peter Arr Woodward, Apposite’s CEO, said: “With DocuSign and our program we have an outstanding commercial opportunity for Solution Partners. Solution Partners who have the skills to support the integration of DocuSign into the business systems and workflow of their customers have a compelling proposition that they can take right across their client organisations. DocuSign helps customers achieve shorter sales cycles, lower costs, and quick returns – all particularly relevant when budgets are under pressure.”

Already recognised as the global standard for eSignature, more than 15 million users have DocuSigned more than 120 million documents in 188 countries.

About Apposite Technology Partners: Apposite accelerates customer exploitation of new technology benefits by bringing fast emerging, proven, vendor products to market through the midmarket Solution Partner distribution channel. Apposite combines vendor products with AppositeLab application extensions and a Solution Partner sales & service enablement program.This enables Solution Partners to provide their customers with access to new technologies at the earliest

By providing Solution Partners with a fully supported proposition, barriers to early adoption in a Solution Partner’s local market are removed. Customers can realize benefits with reduced risk, whilst vendors achieve incremental growth from markets otherwise costly to develop in time and resource.

About DocuSign: DocuSign® is the global standard for eSignature. DocuSign helps customers accelerate transaction cycle times to increase speed to results, reduce costs, and delight customers with the easiest, fastest, most secure global network for sending, signing, tracking, and storing documents in the cloud.

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Apposite Signs Master Distribution Agreement With DocuSign

Whilst we can’t accuse the Wall Street Journal of being behind The Times…perhaps “The Now Big Thing” is a more apposite title.

‘Growth in the eSignature market is becoming viral’ Gartner Research, May 2012 advised and it’s clear that DocuSign’s global leadership is driving the train…

Growth in the adoption of eSignature software and services has grown by 48% in the last year and with the ease of implementation of the SAAS delivery model this growth is set to continue. Mid-market adoption in particular has soared as companies recognise the need to reduce both transaction costs and the time to close business.


The DocuSign solution delivers:
Time to get a ticket?
Fast ROI Quick and easy to implement, no software required, leverages existing IT investment
Faster transactions Shorten sales cycles, improve close rates, recover sales time, sign anytime, anywhere and on any device
Increased revenue Process orders and invoices in hours not days to improve cash flow, free up resources
Lower cost Eliminate scanning, printing, faxing and couriers, a really ‘green’ solution
Improved visibility Instantly see when every document has been viewed, signed or declined
Better conformance/compliance Comprehensive authentication, no missing signatures, easier to ensure regulatory compliance and conform to internal guidelines
Higher customer satisfaction Easy and enjoyable to do business, be seen as a forward thinking organisation, a real WOW factor

Apposite Signs Master Distribution Agreement With DocuSign

What are the key points that make a given technology “apposite” :- a “now” technology that is truly appropriate and relevant?

Why does DocuSign, Apposite’s first technology being distributed through our solution partners, tick all the boxes?

First and foremost, the technology needs to be proven. That means an established, referenceable, community that is benefiting from adoption, showing real return on investment made. With DocuSign the impressive installed base and adoption by leaders in their own field give clear signals that the risks of taking on a technology at too early a point in it’s life cycle have been left behind. There are sub headings to “proven”. Proof points of robustness, legality, performance, serviceability and security have been clearly demonstrated by DocuSign in it’s attainment of leadership in its market.

Secondly, the technology has to be accessible. Prospective users need to have a straightforward route to gain access to the technology, and be able to deploy it knowing that they are doing so with the benefit of the experience and best-practise developed from the early stages of introduction. It’s important to have a supporting service community that can provide prospective adopters with the resources needed to help them achieve success in their own projects. The availability of that service from channels such as Apposite Solution Partners who invest in building their enablement, broadens and deepens overall community support and accessibility.

Being accessible is not just important for direct users – it’s also important for existing and complementary technologies to have access through integration. With DocuSign’s investment in it’s full integration capabalities of the SOAP and REST APIs and the DocuSign Connect service for status monitoring, straight-through processing becomes a reality. And this is not just a “yes we can” it’s also a “and this is how” with first class documentation, examples of how to go about integrating and a mature certification program. The technology partnerships that have been built around the DocuSign service with integration to the technology provided by market leaders such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Google and Box further demonstrates how DocuSign is accessible.

Lastly, the commercial proposition for the technology consumer needs to be compelling. This comes from three drivers: Affordability, Business Case and Realisation.